jeremy and kelly

Our Story

Fast Food... We met at a Hardee's of all places. We were both employed at the Lake Geneva Hardee's in the early 90's. While I did not know it then, I can honestly say it was Love at First Sight.

We were both involved in relationships with other people at the time. Kelly was going to MIAD (Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design) and Jeremy was working to further his musical career in the band Treason. We were both the same age, and had both graduated the same year. However, we went to two different schools. Jeremy was a Demon(literally) at BHS, while Kelly was a Trojan at East Troy High. It is a wonder our paths did not cross back then. We had several mutual friends and we probably bumped into one another at some point but did not even notice.

Over the years our paths crossed several times, as we both bounced in and out of relationships with other people. It's pretty obvious that we were supposed to be together. In any event one day (no one remember exactly why or how) we got together and rest is pretty much history.


We have now been married